Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Name:Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
About Us
Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was found in 1985 in the developed coastal city Huangyan, Taizhou. It’s specialized in manufacturing disposable medical testing products. After twenty years’ efforts, it has become a well-known company in the filed of medical and laboratory wares in China, and also the member unit of China Association for Medical Device Industry. Nowadays it is regarded as a leader in the field of disposable medical wares. Following by the concept of promoting health care, relying on technological innovation, Gongdong improves its product’s technology content constantly, to make sure to provide the safe and effective products to the people. Until now it has five big series of items, but more than 300 types of products. In order to follow the market trend and seek a far-reaching development, Gongdong got ISO and CE certificates in 2001, and also started to do exportation in the same year. Based on its famous brand name and many years’ development experience, Gongdong has made great achievements: It’s vacuum tube, vaginal speculum and petri dish are highly enjoyed, particularly in the United States, Japan market; And it has built up a close business relation with some world-top 500 global corporations from medical treatment industry; Now, some famous global corporations from gene science and life field of science, start to cooperate with Gongdong , which makes Gongdong have further development in this advanced field of science. Today, when the world economy develops steadily, but people requires more on medical and health care, which for sure pushes on development of medical research, diagnosis and supplies industries. It was just under this situation. Gongdong achieved sales of 175 million RMB and profit more than 25 million RMB in 2008, which guarantees that Gongdong continues to be the leader in medical equipment industry. While obtaining above great achievement, Gongdong also pay high attention to the talented, emphasizes on “People-Oriented, Team-Oriented”, the employee of it understand well at it’s policy “High Efficiency, High Quality, Development with Prosperity Together ". In future, Gongdong will redouble its’ effort, keep improving products’ technology and its’ service, to develop more high-tech and new products, to contribute more to human being.
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